The Conference is organized by Tampere University of Technology (Pori) in cooperation with the Moscow ACM SIGMOD chapter. It will take place at Yyterin Kylpylähotelli (SPA Hotel Yyteri), which is located approximately 20 kilometers west of City of Pori in the seaside area. Yyteri is located in the seaside area of Pori. The city itself is located at the bottom of delta of Kokemäenjoki river. The river delta forms a half-island having port of Pori at the end of the it (see map of Pori, link below). The Yyteri beach  is unique in Finland. It’s golden sand and dunes stretch over 6 kilometres. The beach has maintained its stunning natural beauty, and in addition to the vibrant beach atmosphere there are plenty of quiet spots for those who seek them. The beach area and its neighbourhood provide opportunity for selection of leisure time activities: golf, horseback riding, hiking, boat rides, wind surfing, swimming (maybe a bit cold in open sea; in SPA - nice), among others.

Pori was founded in 1558 and it is situated on the west coast of Finland. Population of the city is over 76.000 (10th largest city in Finland) and it is the capital of Satakunta region (235.000 inhabitants). The city has centuries-long history of trade — the port of Pori is one of the largest in Finland and it is especially concentrated in timber export. The city can be characterized as an industrial city: metal and chemical industry are important for the economy, but the role of new industries is growing fast. City was originally built (in 1558) to the seaside at the end of Kokemäenjoki river. The river delta has pushed the sea shore out of city more than 20 kilometers. River, parks and culture characterize the green and soft side of the city. Pori is well-known of its International Jazz festival (middle of July) - see Higher education is provided by two educational institutions. Pori University Consortium and Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (Polytechnics). Pori University Consortium provides university degree (BSc, MSc, PhD) education under five large Finnish universities: Tampere University of Technology, Turku School of Economics, University of Turku, University of Tampere, University of Art and Design Helsinki. The amount of students in this "umbrella organization" is over 2.500. Satakunta University of Applied Sciences is three faculty institute having over 6.500 sudents in their BSc and Master programmes

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