Nonlinear Analysis: Modelling and Control
Vol. 20, No. 2
1 Maria Stella Adamo, Calogero Vetro
Fixed point and homotopy results for mixed multi-valued mappings in 0-complete partial metric spaces pp. 159–174
2 Inara Yermachenko, Felix Sadyrbaev
On a problem for a system of two the second order differential equations via the theory of vector fields pp. 175–189
3 Wenbin Li, Zengji Du, Dongcheng Xu
Permanence and existence of periodic solution of a discrete periodic Lotka–Volterra competition system with feedback control and time delays pp. 190–209
4 Saulius Norvidas
Distributional boundary values of analytic functions and positive definite distributions pp. 210–225
5 Xijun Deng
Exact travelling wave solutions for the modifed Novikov equation pp. 226–232
6 Fang Li, Bo You
Pullback attractors for the non-autonomous complex Ginzburg–Landau type equation with p-Laplacian pp. 233–248
7 Hao Zhang, Xing-Yuan Wang, Xiao-Hui Lin
Chaos and bifurcations in chaotic maps with parameter q: Numerical and analytical studies pp. 249–262
8 Lina Dindienė, Remigijus Leipus
A note on the tail behavior of randomly weighted and stopped dependent sums pp. 263–273
9 Ascensión Hernández Encinas, Jesus Martín-Vaquero, Araceli Queiruga-Dios,
Víctor Gayoso-Martínez
Efficient high-order finite difference methods for nonlinear Klein–Gordon equations. I: Variants of the phi-four model and the form-I of the nonlinear Klein–Gordon equation pp. 274–290
10 Zsolt Vaszi, Csaba Szabó, Augustín Varga
Implementing the mathematical model of the throughput of compressor station aggregates pp. 291–304