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2019 m. lapkričio 25 d., 13:00 val.

Vilnius, Akademijos g. 4, 203 kab.


Erzsébet Csibi

(Pearson, Vengrija)


„E-learning, digital literacy, information technology, mobile devices, digital learning – these are words which have received extensive publicity in recent years. But what is beyond the hype?“


Pranešimo santrauka
This presentation will discuss the recent findings in Pearson’s Global Learner Survey, aspects of digital learning based on learning science and different trends and practices of higher education institutions all around the world.
The presenter will also talk about what Pearson has to offer for instructors, including textbooks for inspection, instructor materials, e-learning platforms, a classroom response system and personalized teaching materials.
Apie pranešėją
Erzsébet Csibi got her degree as a teacher of English. She was working in in-service teacher training and qualified as a teacher trainer at the British Council before she went to teach at the University of Pannonia, Hungary. She taught general and specialized English courses for 7 years. She was a trainer at several in-service teacher training courses and summer schools.
In 2008 she joined Pearson as an ELT and higher education and professional representative, based in Hungary. Currently she is Account Manager in Higher education and professional at Pearson Central and Eastern Europe, responsible for 12 countries, working with universities in the region.
Her main field of interest is implementing digital technology, mobile devices and e-learning into teaching and learning, especially in higher education.
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