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Deadline for applications is 21 of October, 2022


About the project.

The aim of the research is to study protocols for preparing a quantum blockchain based on existing ones, but which manage to correct the current limitations of such protocols and try to make them viable on modern quantum computers. Current quantum computers suffer from a series of problems derived from their sensitivity to internal and external noise, so it is not only necessary to consider the scarcity of resources of these computers and the difficulties of the blockchain itself, but also this extreme sensitivity. Very important to study the feasibility of new protocols for building quantum versions of non-fungible tokens, which we hope would solve some of the problems that exist in these tokens.

The research will be conducted at the Institute of Digital Science and Information Technologies of the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics of Vilnius University.

Main research directions: Protocols for Quantum Blockchain, quantum criptography, sensitivity of Blockchains.

Enquiries regarding this position should be addressed to dr. Remigijus Paulavičius by email .

Minimum qualification requirements.

The position requires: a Ph.D. in Computer Science (related with quantum computing and/ or blockchain); a research record that includes widely cited publications related to blockchain technologies, quantum computing, and/ or machine learning methods.

A researcher seeking a position as a Senior Researcher must have had at least 10 scientific articles listed in Clarivate Analytics Web of Science (CA WoS).

Other qualifications.

We are looking for a highly motivated Senior Researcher having experience with quantum computing and blockchain technologies:

  • D. degree (or equivalent) in Computer Science;
  • Experience with UNIX/LINUX systems and programming in C/C++;
  • Experience with machine learning methods;
  • Experience with quantum computing;
  • Experience with blockchain technologies;
  • Experience with scripting languages such as Perl or Python is a plus;
  • Fluency in English (written and spoken).


Starting at: 1 December 2022, duration of contract: 12 months.

Workload: full-time.

Monthly salary: 2097,45 EUR (before tax).



Please submit all documents to: in the subject line indicating ‘visiting researcher‘

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