LTU Patekote į pirmąjį lietuvišką domeną. Daugiau informacijos

Doctoral School on Informatics Education
and Educational Software Engineering Research

November 26–30, 2014, Druskininkai, Lithuania

Traditional annual event, organized since 2010 by the
Vilnius University Institute of Mathematics and Informatics in cooperation with
Lithuanian Computer Society


The aims

  • Offer a friendly forum for doctoral students to discuss their research topics, research questions and design in the field of computing education / educational technology – informatics engineering and education.
  • Provide a supportive setting for feedback on students’ current research and guidance on future research directions.
  • Offer each student comments and fresh perspectives on their work from researchers and students outside their own institution, as well as help with choosing suitable methodology and strategies for research.
  • Support networking with other researchers in the informatics engineering education research field, and promote the development of a supportive community of scholars and a spirit of collaborative research.
  • Support a new generation of researchers with information and advice on research and academic career paths.


Detailed agenda

Small, 1 page format Agenda


Research summaries and biographies of the participants

The Doctoral School provides an opportunity for doctoral students to explore and develop their research interests in a workshop under the guidance of distinguished senior researchers. We invite students who feel they would benefit from this kind of feedback on their dissertation work to apply for this unique opportunity to share their work with students in a similar situation as well as senior researchers in the field. We welcome submissions from students at any stage of their doctoral studies.

Prospective Supervisors:

  • Prof. Dr. Andrej Brodnik (University of Ljublana, Slovenia). Suggestions and criteria for writing computer science education doctoral thesis.
  • Prof. Dr. Erik Barendsen (Nijmegen Rounbound University, The Netherlands). Investigating teacher knowledge and students' learning using PCK instruments, concept maps and learner reports.
  • Dr. Renata Burbaitė (Panevėžys gymnasium). Using software to make research easier


Research summaries


To learn more about Doctoral School please watch this video, recorded during Doctoral Consortium in 2012.

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