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The list of VU DMSTI services (

VU DMSTI services on E-Science Gateway

Prof. V. Dagienė "Software localisation (lithuanisation)" 

Prof. V. Dagienė "Computer Literacy, IT Management, Programming and Software Localization Courses, Training" 

Prof. J. Žilinskas "Optimization and high-performance computing" 

Prof. K. Kazlauskas "Missing Data Restoration Algorithm and Program" 

Prof. R. Pupeikis "Control of Dynamical Systems using Observations, Systems Identification" 

Dr. G. Tamulevičius "Speech Recognition"

Assoc. Prof. S. Gudas "Modelling and Model Validation of Business Processes and Management"

Prof. R. Pliuškevičius "Non-classical logics"

Prof. G. Dzemyda "Data Mining in Medicine, Technologies and Case-Studies" 

Prof. G. Dzemyda "The Development and Adjustment of Manufacturing Processes’ Scheduling Algorithms" 

Prof. G. Dzemyda "Digital Image Analysis and Processing, Image Analysis Systems, Decision Support as Well as Diagnostic Systems"

Assoc. Prof. O. Kurasova "Solving Multi-Objective Optimization Problems" 

Dr. V. Marcinkevičius "Development of the Recommendation Systems"

Prof. L. Sakalauskas "Analysis of Stable Models in Finance" 


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