The List of Scientific Works
of the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics obtained
the Premium on Science of the Republic of Lithuania


Julius Žilinskas
Development, Parallelization and Application of Global Optimization Algorithms (2016)

Stanislava Nerutė Kligienė, Antanas Leonas Lipeika, Evaldas Robertas Ozeraitis, Adolfas Laimutis Telksnys
Information Technologies for Lithuanian Culture and Language (2008)

Valentina Dagienė
Information Technologies for General Education: forming of implementation directions, learning software development and localisation (2007)

Albertas Čaplinskas
Software Engineering: Methods, Technologies and Tools of Large Software Systems Development (2006)

Konstantinas Pileckas
Mathematical Models of Viscous Fluid Flow in Unbounded Domains (2006)

Liudas Giraitis, Remigijus Leipus, Donatas Surgailis
Long-range dependence: models, limit laws and statistical inference (2004).

Šarūnas Raudys
Statistical and Neural Classifiers: Technologies of Integrated design (2003).

Gintautas Dzemyda, Vydūnas Šaltenis, Antanas Žilinskas
Efficient optimization in technology (2001).

Vidmantas Kastytis Bentkus et al.
Asymptotic analysis of distributions in a Banach space (1999).

Raimondas Čiegis, Mifodijus Sapagovas et al.
Methods for solving nonlinear differential equations and their application (1996).

Aldona Aleškevičienė, Vidmantas Kastytis Bentkus, Raimundas Bentkus, Leonas Saulis, Vytautas Statulevičius, Arkadijus Tempelmanas
Asymptotic analysis of random process functionals, statistical estimates and their distributions (1987).

Henrikas Pragarauskas, Donatas Surgailis
Research of automodels and Markov fields (1985).

Eduardas Vilkas
Optimality principles in the game theory (1977).

Bronius Grigelionis
Research of controlled Markov processes and queueing problems (1969).

Jonas Mockus
Monography "Mulitextremal design problems" (1969).
Engineer methods of global optimization (1999).

Laimutis Telksnys et al.
Creation of a script character reading device "Rūta-701" (1968).
Automated heart rhythm analysis system and theory of non-stationary random process recognition (1980).

Vytautas Statulevičius
Limith theorems for independent random variables related to a Markov chain (1967).

Jonas Kubilius
A cycle of scientific works on the probabilitic number theory (1958).


Other important awards

Prof. dr. (HP) Antanas Žilinskas was awarded with Outstanding Achievement Award for his outstanding research contributions ir the field of global optimization. Award was presented at The 2nd International Conference NUMTA 2016, Numeric Computations: Theory and Algorithms, June 19-25, Pizzo Calabro, Italy.

Prof. dr. (HP) Valentina Dagienė on the 25th of April, 2016 was awarded with „Ada Lovelace Computing Excellence Award“:

On the 23rd of November, 2015 the project LIEPA – Services controlled by the Lithuanian Speech (https://liepa.raštija.ltštija.ltš was voted by users as the best public e-service. Awards were organized by the National TV show "Pinigų karta".

On the 16th November 2015 five winners of the best European Broadband projects have been awarded in Brussels. RAIN-2 was awarded „European Broadband Award 2015“ as the best project in the category on socio-economic impact and affordability. [The project "RAIN-2 Preparation of the project Rural Area Information Technology Broadband Network: approach to the last milestone" was executed by the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics on 2006-2007, project head: prof. Laimutis Telksnys].

On the 14th October 2015 the winner of the Informatics Europe 2015 Best Practices in Education Award is the Bebras "International Challenge on Informatics and Computational Thinking", proposed by Prof. dr. Valentina Dagienė (Vilnius University, Lithuania) and dr. Wolfgang Pohl (BWINF, Germany) on behalf of the Bebras community.

On 6th June 2014 Prof. Dr. Habil. Adolfas Laimutis Telksnys was awarded with "Naujasis Knygnešys 2014" award by the Information Society Development Committee at the Ministry of Communications.

On 31st March 2014 Prof. Dr. Albertas Čaplinskas was elected as a Honorary Doctor of Latvian University.

On 2013 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gintautas Grigas was declared to be the laureate of national Language Prize award by the Commission on Traditions and Heritage of Lithuanistics at the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania.

On 2012 Baltic Assembly medal was awarded to Prof. Dr. Habil. Adolfas Laimutis Telksnys for active cooperation with the Baltic countries in introducing information technologies in scientific research and developing the Internet, in creating academic computer networks and ensuring their interaction.

On 2011 Prof. Dr. Valentina Dagienė has received ETH Zurich Gold Medal Award, the honorary award for contributions to informatics education in Europe.

On 2010 Prof. Dr. Habil. Mifodijus Sapagovas was awarded 5th Class Order of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas by the President of the Republic of Lithuania 2010

On 2005 the project of the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics "Rural Area Information Technology Broadband Network (RAIN)" was announced in the "Information Society GOLDEN BOOK: Stakeholder Commitments and Initiatives": [ID: 4587027].

On 2002 Prof. Dr. Habil. Mifodijus Sapagovas was elected as a honorary member of European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry (ECMI).

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