DAMSS 2021 posters

Thursday, December 2

15:30–17:00 Poster Session (1)

  1. J. Arnastauskaitė, T. Ruzgas, M. Bražėnas “Power Analysis of Multivariate Goodness of Fit Tests”(ID-1; PDF)
  2. D. Breskuvienė “Forbearance Prediction Using XGBoost and Light GBM models” (ID-2; PDF)
  3. A. Budžys, V. Medvedev, O. Kurasova “User Behaviour Analysis Based on Similarity Measures to Detect Anomalies” (ID-3; PDF)
  4. A. Burmakova, D. Kalibatienė “Machine Learning vs. Fuzzy Inference Methods for Predicting the Oil Spill Consequences with Small Data Sets” (ID-4; PDF)
  5. A. Chaževskas “Newest Machine Learning Password Guessing Techniques”(ID-5; PDF)
  6. M. Danilovaitė, G. Tamulevičius “Acoustic Analysis for Vocal Fold Assessment – Challenges, Trends, and Opportunities” (ID-6; PDF)
  7. R. Dauliūtė, E. Mačius, G. Danys, J. Trinkūnas, R. Puronaitė, R. Bėrontas “Software for Automatic Anonymisation of Radiographic Images” (ID-7; PDF)
  8. J. Jucevičius, P. Treigys, J. Bernatavičienė, M. Trakymas, I. Naruševičiūtė, R. Briedienė “Investigation of Abnormal Prostate Region Detection Using Different Modality Combinations of mpMRI Scans” (ID-8; PDF)
  9. G. Kasputytė, A. Landaitė, R. Juozaitienė, A. Bunevičius, R. Bunevičius, Š. Bagdonas, J. Venius, T. Krilavičius “Monitoring of Cancer Patients Using Smartphones Sensor Data” (ID-9; PDF)
  10. G. Navickas, G. A. Melnik-Leroy, P. Treigys “Measuring the Quality of Synthetic Speech”(ID-10; PDF)
  11. R. Surkant, J. Jucevičius, P. Treigys, J. Bernatavičienė, M. Trakymas, I. Naruševičiūtė “Cancerous Tissue Detection Using Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI Data for Prostate Region” (ID-11; PDF)
  12. M. Vaškevičius, J. Kapočiūtė-Dzikienė “Modeling of Crystallization Conditions for Organic Synthesis Product Purification Using Deep Learning”  (ID-12; PDF)

Friday, December 3

10:00–11:00 Poster Session (2)

  1. G. Dzemyda, V. Medvedev, M. Sabaliauskas “On the Parallelization of the Geometric Multidimensional Scaling” (ID-13; PDF)
  2. A. Gadeikytė, D. Sandonavičius, V. Rimavičius, R. Barauskas “Numerical Simulations of Heat and Mass Exchange Between Human Skin and Textile Structures” (ID-14; PDF)
  3. R. Gipiškis, O. Kurasova “Application of CNNs for Brain MRI Image Segmentation” (ID-15; PDF)
  4. A. Igumenov, E. Filatovas, V. Medvedev, R. Paulavičius “Estimating Energy Consumption of Ethereum Network”(ID-16; PDF)
  5. M. Kepalas, J. Žilinskas “Locations on Networks” (ID-17; PDF)
  6. K. Lašas, A. Matusevičius, R. Juozaitienė, T. Krilavičius “Vehicle Route Optimization Using Evolutionary Algorithms” (ID-18; PDF)
  7. R. Kunickaitė, D. Servaitė, G. Jenciūtė, A. Bumblauskas, M. Bučelytė, A. Glemža, T. Krilavičius “Anomaly Detection in Systems Metrics” (ID-19; PDF)
  8. M. Lukauskas, T. Rasymas, D. Vaitmonas, M. Minelga “Natural Language Generation with Architecture of Transformers: A Case Study of Business Names Generation” (ID-20; PDF)
  9. M. Lukauskas, T. Ruzgas “Analysis of Clustering Methods Performance Across Multiple Datasets” (ID-21; PDF)
  10. A. Lupeikienė “Decomposition Problems in the Development of Complex Information Systems”(ID-22; PDF)

Friday, December 3

11:20–12:20 Poster Session (3)

  1. R. Gricius, I. Belovas “Intelligent Data Capture in Digitized Business Documents”(ID-23; PDF)
  2. S. Gudas, K. Noreika “Causal Interactions of the Agile Activities in Application Development Management” (ID-24; PDF)
  3. R. Jurkus, P. Treigys, J. Venskus “Prediction of Vessels Trajectory Using Different Coordinate Systems” (ID-25; PDF)
  4. E. Karčiauskas “Features of the Python Active Lessons Teaching Methodology”
  5. G. Korvel, K. Kąkol, P. Treigys, B. Kostek „Examining the Self-Similarity Method for the Lombard Effect Recognition “(ID-27; PDF)
  6. A. Kriščiukaitis, A. R. A. dos Santos Rodrigues, R. Petrolis, V. Marozas “On the Problem of Eigenvector Sign Ambiguity: Ad-Hoc Solution for Eigenvector Decomposition-Based Signal and Image Analysis”(ID-28; PD.)
  7. D. Kuizinienė, P. Savickas, T. Krilavičius “Application of Artificial Intelligence for Automatic Lending Decision Making Using Transactions Data”(ID-29; PDF)
  8. A. Šubonienė, O. Kurasova, V. Medvedev, A. Kielaitė-Gulla, A. Samuilis, D. Jagminas, K. Strupas, G. Dzemyda “On the Computed Tomography Image Data to Diagnose Pancreatic Cancer Using Machine Learning” (ID-30; PDF)
  9. V. Tamakauskas, V. Tatarūnas, N. Kupstytė-Krištaponė, V. Veikutis “P2Y12 Inhibitors (Ticagrelor) Adverse Effect Prediction Depending on Clinical Data and Genetic Factors in Patients after Acute Coronary Syndrome”
  10. S. Tautvaišas, J. Žilinskas “Scalable Trust Region Bayesian Optimization with Product of Experts” (ID-32; PDF)

Friday, December 3

15:30–17:30 Poster Session (4)

  1. E. Butkevičiūtė, L. Bikulčienė, T. Blažauskas “An Architecture of Cognitive Health Evaluation and Monitoring System””(ID-33; PDF)
  2. J. Kazanavičius, D. Mažeika “Performance Benchmarking of Communication Patterns in Microservice Architecture” (ID-34; PDF)
  3. A. Lančinskas, J. Žilinskas, P. Fernández, B. Pelegrín “Competitive Facility Location Problems with Different Customer Behavior Rules”(ID-35; PDF)
  4. J. Miliauskaitė, D. Kalibatienė “Developing an ANFIS-Based Model to Predict Web Services QoS/QoE” (ID-36; PDF)
  5. M. Petkevičius, D. Vitkutė-Adžgauskienė “Knowledge-Base Enriched Word Embeddings for Social Media Text Analysis”(ID-37; PDF)
  6. I. Rudaitis, J. Mandravickaitė, D. Kalinauskaitė, V. Gvozdovaitė, T. Krilavičius “Evaluation Metrics for Synthetic Social Media-Derived Texts” (ID-38; PDF)
  7. T. Ruzgas, V. Kraujalis, D. Milonas ”Mortality Rate Estimation Models of Patients with Prostate Cancer Diagnosis”(ID-39; PDF)
  8. Š. Sielskaitė, D. Kalibatienė ”Fuzzy and CMMN Based Dynamic Software Project Management Process Modelling and Simulation”(ID-40; PDF)
  9. M. Songailaitė, E. Kankevičiūtė, J. Mandravickaitė, D. Kalinauskaitė, T. Krilavičius “Deep Learning Models for Hate Speech Detection” (ID-41; PDF)
  10. M. Songailaitė, T. Krilavičius “Music Similarity Evaluation Using Machine Learning Methods and Audio Signal Profiles” (ID-42; PDF)
  11. S. Virbukaitė, J. Bernatavičienė “Impact of Images Quality Variety and Resizing Level on Eye Fundus Optic Disc Segmentation” (ID-43; PDF)
  12. J. Skirelis, D. Navakauskas “Investigation of Wireless Sensor Networks Protocols Performance” (ID-44; PDF)
  13. M. Zdanavičiūtė, R. Juozaitienė, T. Krilavičius “Telecommunication Customer Churn Prediction Using Machine Learning Methods” (ID-45; PDF)


Organizers of DAMSS 2021 will mandate that attendees and staff at DAMSS 2021 provide proof of "full vaccination" for COVID-19. Attendees who cannot demonstrate full vaccination of COVID-19 will not be allowed in-person to participate in DAMSS 2021. They will be able to make the presentation online only.
Poster sessions will provide an opportunity for the authors to display the results and conclusions of the presented researchers. The poster will be exhibited during the conference.

The recommended paper size of posters is A1 (84.1 cm x 59.4 cm.), language is English.
We do not plan a special session for virtual presentations at DAMSS, but speakers of plenary sessions will have an opportunity to talk online. Also, there will be an opportunity for speakers who cannot attend to present their posters. The registration fee is the same for all conference participants. If a speaker is unable to attend, he/she must send a 5-minute recording of his/her presentation as well as a pdf file of the poster in A1 format. A poster of the presentation will be printed and hung in the DAMSS poster room. A video of the presentation will be posted on the DAMSS website for conference participants to access the researches.

Friday, December 3

11:20–12:20 Online Poster Session (Video presentation can be accessed on poster topic)

Link to online poster session room

11:20 - 11.35 Discussion about poster by A. Burmakova, D. Kalibatienė “Machine Learning vs. Fuzzy Inference Methods for Predicting the Oil Spill Consequences with Small Data Sets” (ID-4; PDF.)

11:35 - 11:50 Discussion about poster by A. Igumenov, E. Filatovas, V. Medvedev, R. Paulavičius “Estimating Energy Consumption of Ethereum Network”(ID-16; PDF.)

11:50 - 12:05 Discussion about poster by R. Gricius, I. Belovas “Intelligent Data Capture in Digitized Business Documents”(ID-23; PDF.)

12:05 - 12:20 Overall Discussion on the Posters that were Presented in this Session