Roma Puronaitė

Department: Cognitive Computing Group
Position: PhD student
Field: Informatics

Address: Akademijos st. 4, room 608A, Vilnius
Tel: (+370 5) 210 9312



Doctoral studies

Theme Clustering Algorithms for Medical Big Data

Supervisor Prof. Dr. Audronė Jakaitienė

Study time 2017 10 01–2023 09 16 (2019 10 16–2021 09 30 academic holidays)

Aim: The aim is to propose a clustering algorithm that would increase the performance of clustering on medical big data.

Main problems:

  1. To investigate most popular clustering methods commonly used for medical big data clustering.
  2. To compare selected clustering algorithms using real medical data sets.
  3. To propose a new clustering algorithm to improve the performance of clustering on medical big data.
  4. To propose a solution for the implementation of proposed clustering algorithm in real-world medical data system. 

Presentations at scientific conferences

Annual Reporting Doctoral Conference of Informatics, October 24, 2018, Vilnius „Clustering algorithms for medical big data“ (Technical Report LT, Slides LT)