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Akademijos st. 4, room 603
Vilnius, Lithuania

Head of the Group
dr. Povilas Treigys

Tel: +370 5 210 9311

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Image and Signal Analysis Group



Research fields

 Speech and language processing:

  • Speech signal modelling: autoregressive/linear prediction, fractal-based nonlinear modelling, source-filter models.
  • Speech recognition: segment-based speech recognition.
  • Speech emotion recognition: hierarchical classification of speech emotions, speech emotion features, feature selection.
  • Estimation of speech quality: acoustic analysis for quality estimation; estimation of vocal fold functionality; estimation of phonation level;
  • Signal model parameter assessment;
  • Development of sound mathematical models.

 Image and video signal processing:

  • Object recognition and segmentation using deep neural networks
  • Image reconstruction by deep generative networks
  • Analysis of ocular fundus optic disc, other lesions
  • Analysis of images of colonic pathology to describe tumor cell subpopulations in whole-slide images
  • Detection of prostate changes in multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging
  • Processing of full-frame histological images by machine learning methods.

Analysis of big data and development of deep learning algorithms:

  • Analysis and recognition of clonal structures in genetic data.
  • Analysis of traffic (marine) data to identify traffic anomalies in LSTM and transformer deep neural networks
  • Development of deep teaching / learning methods for solving classification and forecasting problems.


Science and Education

Phd Students

Name, Surname Supervisor Field of
Theme Time of study
Bernardas Čiapas Assoc. Prof. Dr. Povilas Treigys N 009   2019-2023
Justinas Jucevičius Assoc. Prof. Dr. Povilas Treigys T 007 Development of Magnetic Resonance Image Analysis
Algorithms for Prostate Cancer Detection and
Aggressiveness Evaluation
Mindaugas Morkūnas Assoc. Prof. Dr. Povilas Treigys,
Consultant Prof. Dr. Arvydas Laurinavičius
T 007 A Model for Tumour Genetic Profile and Tissue Biomarker
Expression Data Integration
Julius Venskus Assoc. Prof. Dr. Povilas Treigys,
Consultant Prof. Dr. Arūnas Andziulis
T 007 Application of Deep Learning Algorithms for Marine Traffic
Data Classification


Defended PhD thesis:

  • Tatjana Liogienė "Hierarchical Classification of Speech Emotions", supervisor Gintautas Tamulevičius PhD, 2017.



  • Lithuanian state-funded project "Information Technologies for human Wellbeing - Clinical Decision support (E-Health)" 2003-2009.
  • Lithuanian state-funded project "Support of Clinical Decision Systems for e. Health System" 2007-2009.
  • Lithuanian state Science Foundation project "Development of Specialized data Analysis Methods for Heart Thermal Anisotropy Investigation" 2008.
  • Research service "Creation of a Model for the Recognition of Individual Lithuanian Words and Phrases" 2012-2013.
  • Researchers group project "Development and Inspection of the Prototype for the People with Disabilities Managed by Lithuanian Speech" 2012-2014.
  • EU  Structural funds project "Lithuanian Speech Guided Services" 2013-2015 m.
  • Eurosstars project "Production Efectiveness Navigator" 2011-2013.
  • Erasmus+ programme project "Partnerships to Ensure Risk Management in Practice" 2015-2016 m.
  • COST action CA15124 „A new Network of European BioImage Analysts to advance life science imaging (NEUBIAS)“. 2016-2020 m