The 8th International


June 23-29, 2002

For three decades the International Vilnius Meetings on Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics have provided an important event for our science. The meeting will follow the well established pattern of Vilnius Conferences with a few plenary talks and sessions on important subfields. The conference will provide a forum for the international exchange of knowledge among scientists and give an impulse for international relations between participants, statistical societies and other official and non-official organizations.


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    Honorary Organizing Committee

      • Algirdas BRAZAUSKAS, Prime Minister of the Republic of Lithuania
      • Algirdas MONKEVIČUS, Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania
      • Benediktas JUODKA, President of the Lithuanian Academy of Science
      • Edmundas ZAVADSKAS, Rector of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
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    Organizing Institutions

    The main organizers:
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    Programme Committee

    Chairman of the Programme Committee - Peter Jagers

    Vice-chairman of the Programme Committee - Vygantas Paulauskas

    • Serguei Aivazian, Russia
    • Per Kragh Andersen, Denmark
    • Ole Barndorff-Nielsen, Denmark
    • Vidmantas Bentkus, Lithuania
    • Miklos Csörgõ, Canada
    • Richard Gill, The Netherlands
    • Friedrich Götze, Germany
    • Bronius Grigelionis, Lithuania
    • Steven Haberman, United Kingdom
    • Rafail Khasminski, USA
    • Frank den Hollander, The Netherlands
    • Jacek Koronacki, Poland
  • Jonas Kubilius, Lithuania
  • Terry J. Lyons, United Kingdom
  • Vladimir Piterbarg, Russia
  • Henrikas Pragarauskas, Lithuania
  • Yurij Prokhorov, Russia
  • Peter Robinson, United Kingdom
  • Holger Rootzen, Sweden
  • Boris Rozovski, USA
  • Rimantas Rudzkis, Lithuania
  • Donatas Surgailis, Lithuania
  • Aad van der Vaart, The Netherlands
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    Organizing Committee
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    The Address of the Organizing Committee

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