3rd National Young Scientists Conference of the Lithuanian OR Society

LOTD - 2010
October 1, 2010, Vilnius, Lithuania

Topics of the conference
 Optimization and applications;
 Data mining and metaheuristics;
 Decision making in business and social systems;
 Complex societal systems;;
 Modelling and simulation of networks;
 Operatinal research for sustainability and environment.

Papers and communications from other fields of OR are welcome, too.
Organising Institutions
Konferenciją rengia:
  Lithuanian OR society (LitORS)
  Institute of Mathematics and Informatics (IMI)
  Mykolas Romeris University (MRU)
  Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU)
3rd National Young Scientists Conference of the Lithuanian OR Society

LOTD - 2010

October 1, 2010, Vilnius, Lithuania
Ateities 20, Mykolas Romeris University, Vilnius, Lithuania,
Operational research (OR) is a scientific discipline focused on applications of mathematical models and methods in technology, economy and social systems. This science has formed in the first half of the former century. The problems solved by OR methods deal with complex interactions among people, materials and money that arises in business, communication networks, medicine, financing, military applications, environment, etc. Developing the modern knowledge society, it is of great importance to be able to efficiently solve problems of such kind. Organisations may seek a very wide range of operational improvements, for example, a higher efficiency, better customer service, higher quality or lower costs, etc. Whatever the business engineering aim is, OR can offer much flexibility and adaptability in providing objective help. Most of the problems that OR tackles are messy and complex, often entailing a considerable uncertainty. OR can use advanced quantitative methods, modelling, problem structuring, simulation and other analytical techniques to examine assumptions, facilitate an in -depth understanding and decide on practical actions. OR basics are included into many teaching modules, and the study of OR is very important in teaching young specialists who can apply OR technologies in their activities. The purpose of the organised conference LOTD-2010 is dissemination of OR knowledge among young researchers.
Time and Place
The conference is to be held on October 1, 2010, in the Mykolas Romeris University, Ateities st. 20, Vilnius, Lithuania.
Important dates:
Deadline for registration by internet:     September 13, 2010
Conference:                                           October 1,      2010
Paper submission to journal issue:        December 1,   2010
To participate in the conference the students and researchers or university and college teachers no more than 35 years are invited. The coauthors of communications and papers, that are not young scientists, are invited to participate, too.
Registration and publications
Those wishing to participate in the conference are kindly asked to register not later than September 4, 2010, presenting the title and abstract (300 words) of their communication.
The languages of the conference are Lithuanian and English.
The selected papers (6 pages) from those presented during conference will be published in the special issue of the journal „Intellectuall Economics“  (http://www3.mruni.eu/~int.economics/) and "Technological and Economic Development of Economy" (http://www.tede.vgtu.lt/).
Formated papers should be send to email: Kurasova@ktl.mii.lt.