September 30 - October 3, 2009,
Vilnius, Lithuania
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 We encourage researchers, in particular young ones, who start or develop their research related with knowledge-based technologies and OR methodologies for sustainable development, to present it for discussion and take part in the tutorials on the challenging topics of sustainable development theory and practice, held during the conference.
The Proceedings of the conference, abstracted / referenced in ISI Thompson Web of Science DB will be published and delivered during conference. The language of KORSD-2009 is English. Papers (6 pages in Ms-Word) prepared according to the example and guidelines for Proceedings are only accepted! Please, register/send your abstract (0.3-0.5 pages) and submit papers through our website
Please, find below the list of papers accepted for the Proceedings.
The special post-conference issues will be published in top-rated journals abstracted / referenced in ISI Thompson
Web of Science DB:
The issues will be prepared on basys of thorough review from papers submited and disscussed during KORSD-2009.
The deadline for paper submission to special journal issues is January 20, 2010.
Content of Volume of KORSD-2009 ISI Proceedings
M. Grasserbauer, L.Sakalauskas, E.Zavadskas
Globalization and cultural identity issues
The Impact of Globalisation on the Container‘s Market
Eugen Barsan, Radu Hanzu-Pazara, Nicolae Grosan, Anastasia Varsami, Corina Popescu.
Challenges and Cultural Identity Issues of Maritime Human Resources in the Globalized World
Paul Bocanete, Cristina Nistor.
Sustainable development of cross-cultural communication at tertiary level: chalanges and contradictions
Nijole Petkeviciute, Remigijus Ciegis, Asta Balciunaitiene.
Preserving cultural heritage and revitalizing a mining town in Mexico. The case of Cerro de San Pedro
Jose G. Vargas-Hernandez.
Information communication technologies for sustainable development
Telework as method of professional and social rehabilitation of disables persons
Egle Bileviciute, Tatjana Bileviciene
Evaluation of the computer system and risks of the technology of the information of Peruvian entities
Mercedes Bustos
Reliability of WEB Services on Virtual And Remote Control Laboratory Using Matlab
Tarca Radu Catalin, Popentiu Vladicescu Florin, Vesselnyi Tiberiu, Tarca Ioan Constantin, Barda Ioana
Sustainable Development of Information Communication Systems in Junction with Quantum Physics, Ferromagnetism and Neuroscience
Algis Garliauskas
Intelligent decision support in assessing sustainable development
Cartographic communication for sustainable development of the society
Giedre  Beconyte, Audrius Kryzanauskas
Decision Support System for Optimal Selection of Feed Ingredients
Ernestas Filatovas, Olga Kurasova
Interaction and coordination of sectorial and national sustainable development strategies
Modelling environment for planning and implementation of national strategy for crisis management
Janis Bicevskis, Edvins Karnitis, Girts Karnitis, Maris Kucinskis
Globalisation and benchmarking of development of nation state regional centres
Marija Burinskiene, Vitalija Rudzkiene
A Viable Systems Approach to Sustainable Rural Development
Algimantas Kurlavicius
Integration and collaboration as drivers for local sustainability: North Kurzeme case
Erika Lagzdina, Janis Brizga
Knowledge-based economic iniciatives for strategic decisions of sustainable development in Lithuania
Borisas Melnikas, Jurgis Samulevicius
Sustainable Regional Convergence: the Case Study of Lithuanian Counties
Kostas Žymantas Svetikas, Ignas Dzemyda
The sustainable development global simulation: quality of life and security of people
Michael Zgurovsky
Knowledge based technologies for sustainable decision making
Bayesian Inference Application for Experts Information Estimation
Robertas Alzbutas
Using SSM for structuring an MCDA model for sustainable urban energy planning
Dulce Coelho, Carlos Antunes, Antonio Martins
Development of Decision Support System for Risk Evaluation of Transportation of Dangerous Goods Using Mobile Technologies
Dale Dzemydiene, Ramunas Dzindzalieta
Non-linear behaviour of a soil compaction equipment
Carmen Debeleac, Gheorghe Oproescu
Mathematical modelling of diagnostic test
Aleksandras Krylovas, Natalja Kosareva
Research and Development Policy Choice Based on Social Multicriteria Decision Analysis
Birutė Mikulskienė
Modelling wind speed for improving the air pollution control
Florin Popentiu, Anca Lungu.
A multiobjective model for integrated sustainable planning under uncertainty
Carla Oliveira, Carlos Antunes
Virtual Organizations in Emerging Virtual 3D Worlds. Identifying New Research Areas
Dumitru Radoiu, Attila Vajda
Mobile solutions for improving business processes
Tamas Rez
The sensitivity analysis of the quantitative multiple criteria decision making method TOPSIS
Ruta Simanaviciene, Leonas Ustinovicius
Model of construction design projects managers qualifying by applying Analytic Hierarchy Process and Bayes rule
Povilas Vainiunas, Edmundas Kazimieras Zavadskas, Friedel Peldschus, Zenonas Turskis, Jolanta Tamosaitiene
The values of the equilibrium point for the sustainable decision making in construction
Edmundas Kazimieras Zavadskas, Friedel Peldschus, Jolanta Tamosaitiene, Zenonas Turskis
Long-term trends and sustainability transition
General problems of sustainable development and transformation processes in large socio – economic systems.
Oleksandr Makarenko
Human security analysis under impact of the totality of global threats on sustainability
Tatiana Pomerantseva, Andrey Boldak
Land Readjustment for Sustainable Rural Development
Giedrius Pasakarnis, Vida Maliene
Analysis of the refurbishment process in Lithuania in terms of sustainable development
Lina Seduikyte, Andrius Jurelionis
Simulation of sustainable development of transport, industry and economics
A model in a sustainable perspective of a Build-Operate-Transfer in the transportation sector
Giampaolo Centrone, Maria Pia Fanti, Gabriella Stecco, Walter Ukovich
Comparative analysis of bus and trolleybus related GhGs emissions and costs in Lithuania
Linas Kliucininkas, Jonas Matulevicius
New trends in simulation of dynamic behaviour of the technical systems
Gheorghe Oproescu, Carmen Debeleac
Simulation of Information-based Social Networks: Virtual Computational Fields Approach
Darius Plikynas
Modelling Sustainable Management Process on Enterprise Level
Jurgis Staniskis, Valdas Arbaciauskas
Sustainable Development in Developing Countries
Sustainable Development in Developing Countries: The ACP: African-Caribbean-Pacific Observatory
Alan Belward, Philippe Mayaux, Paolo Roggeri, Olivier Leo
Costing improved water supply systems for sustainable development in developing countries
Fabrizio Carlevaro, Cristian Gonzalez
An Analysis of Environmental Management Systems in Bulgaria
Walter Leal, Tsvetelina Simeonova
Software for sustainability assessment: a case study in Quang Tri Province, Vietnam
Le Trinh Hai, Pham Hoang Hai, Chu Lam Thai, Luc Hens
An ANP approach to assess the touristic sustainability of the National Parks of Venezuela
Tomas Gomez-Navarro, Monica Garcia-Melon, Silvia Acuna-Dutra
Stream: Computational Intelligence for Business Data Analysis and Sustainablility
Sustainability Based Service Quality Approach for Automated Teller Machine Network
Darius Dilijonas, Virgilijus Sakalauskas, Dalia Kriksciuniene, Rimvydas Simutis
Aspects of determining the financial diagnosis of trading companies
Teodor Hada
Factors for sustainable development of e-banking in Lithuania and Hungary
Virgilijus Sakalauskas, Dalia Kriksciuniene, Attila Horvath, Ferenc Kiss
Rational cash planning under uncertainty
Leonidas Sakalauskas, Ana Uspuriene.
Stochastic Power Plant Investment Planning Problem
Leonidas Sakalauskas, Kestutis Zilinskas
Stream: Decision making in the face of severe uncertainty
Stimulated Dynamics Simulation with Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis
Robertas Alzbutas
The Clinical and Statistic Study Model of Total Edentulous Prosthetic Field
Elena-Gabriela Despa, Cornelia Biclesanu, Gabriela Moise
Optimization of Dynamic Networks for Resource Management under Uncertainty
Alexei A. Gaivoronski, Paola Zuddas, Giovanni M. Sechi
Estimation of small mortality rates in populations
Romualdas Gurevicius, Gintautas Jakimauskas, Leonidas Sakalauskas
Stream: Economic restructuring / crisis and its impact on health
The positive and negative health impacts of speed in the context of industrial restructuring
Elena Andreeva, Peter Mihalyi
Economic crisis, restructuring and alcohol-related deaths in Russian regions
Elena Andreeva, Sergey Ermakov, M Harvey Brenner
The Health - Socioeconomic Status Relationship and the Role of Public Policies in the US and UK
Keith Bender, Ioannis Theodossiou
Global life expectancy and sustainable economic growth: the paradox of international recession
M. Harvey Brenner
Recessions, economic policy and health inequalities
Stavros Drakopoulos
Globalisation, restructuring and recession: the regional dimension
Gunter Edenharter
Restructuring and employee health
Thores Theorell, Elena Andreeva, Constanze Leineweber, Linda Hanson, Hugo Westerlund, Gabriel Oxenstierna
How to prevent or to mitigate consequences of restructuring ? What impact ?
Claude-Emmanuel Triomphe
Stream: Innovative Processes and Products
Resonance Phenomenon in the Hydraulic Driving Systems with Rotative Motor
Adrian Sorin Axinti, Gavril Axinti
Modelling of Hydraulic Dissipators for Medical Equipment Protection
Adrian Sorin Axinti, Gavril Axinti
Innovation condition for sustainable development. Romanian policy regarding the innovation and scientific research
Polidor Bratu, Nicusor Dragan 
Innovative Composite Systems for Vibration and Mechanical Shocks Damping.Numerical Non-linear Modelling
Nicusor Dragan
Dynamic response evaluation of impact loaded strength structural elements using high-speed video sequence analysis
Petru Dumitrache, Polidor Bratu
Communication Innovative Methods for Graphics Teaching on Technical Directions
Adrian Goanta
An e-Administration Strategy for innovation transfer
Irene Krebs, Justyna Patalas-Maliszewska
Impulsive Action Equipments Simulation - A Needful Stage in Vibrations Control
Adrian Leopa, Silviu Nastac
On Reverse Engineering for Dynamic Behaviour Simulation of Vibration Isolation Devices
Silviu Nastac, Adrian Leopa
The application of ANSYS code for the impulsive mechanical systems
Cristina Opritescu, Mihai Ilie Toader, Dana Petrovicu
The model of modern innovation influence to competitiveness at recession: approach from SMEs perspective
Česlovas Purlys
Aspects regarding the resonance frequencies of guitar bodies with different strutting systems
Mariana Domnica Stanciu, Ioan Curtu, Lica Dumitru, Rosca Ioan Calin, Raimond Grimberg
Innovative Sound Insulation and Absorption Modular Systems for Public Works Equipment
Ovidiu Vasile, Nicusor Dragan
Stream: Optimization problems in school scheduling and education process
Educative Distributed Virtual Environments for Children
Paola Di Giacomo, Leonardo Bocchi
Application of Optimization Methods in Learning Activity Personalization Tasks
Eugenijus Kurilovas, Silvija Serikoviene
Application of Optimization Methods in Learning Software Packages Personalization Tasks
Eugenijus Kurilovas, Silvija Serikoviene
Application of Optimization Methods in Profiled Scholl Scheduling
Lina Pupeikiene, Eugenijus Kurilovas
School schedule creation and optimization system
Denis Strukov
Stream: Sustainable Development in Small Territorial Unit
Alien insects and spiders species and species responding naturally to climate change in Lithuania
Povilas Ivinskis, Jolanta Rimsaitė, Henrikas Ostrauskas, Loreta Taluntytė
Sustainable development perspectives in Aukstumala Telmological Nature Reserve
Romas Pakalnis, Jurate Sendzikaite, Leonas Jarasius, Dalia Aviziene
Nature management plan of Smelte Botanical Nature Reserve considering the sustainable development principles in intensively urbanised environment
Jurate Sendzikaite, Romas Pakalnis, Dalia Aviziene, Leonas Jarasius
Fire as a possibility of restoration of the Natura 2000 habitats
Jolanta Stankeviciute, Valerijus Rasomavicius
Stream: Process Modelling and simulation
Vibration Damping Effect of Shape Memory Alloys Applied to Infrastructures
Daniel Amariei, Gilbert-Rainer Gillich, Mirela Danubianu, Gelu Florea, Dan Baclesanu, Dumitru Radoiu
Mathematical Modelling of Shape Memory Alloy Effect
Daniel Amariei, Ion Vela, Gilbert-Rainer Gillich, Sava Ianici, Eugen Raduca, Ladislau Augustinov
Presentation of Transposing and Solving Mode of an Optimization Problem
Olga Ioana Amariei, Constantin Dan Dumitrescu, Gheorge Popovici, Codruta Ioana Hamat, Danut Rada
Behaviour of composite bearings used in bridge isolation
Gilbert-Rainer Gillich, Polidor - Paul Bratu, Stefania Camelia Jurcau, Daniel Amariei, Vasile Iancu
Modelling and Optimization of Multiple Closed Loop Stands for Testing Gearboxes
Corina Gruescu, Ioan Nicoara, Carmen Mesteroiu, Renata Bodea, Nicoleta Gillich
Fundamentals in Theory of Closed Loop Stands Designated to Gear Transmissions Testing
Corina Gruescu, Ioan Nicoara, Rainer Gillich, Ildiko Fekete
Modelling of the Performance Level and Heat-Flow for ALCO R-251 FLO Engine
Arina Negoitescu, Adriana Tokar, Daniel Ostoia
The Leakiness Losses Evaluation by Simulating the Pressure Losses in the Combustion Chamber of an Internal Combustion Engine
Arina Negoitescu, Adriana Tokar, Daniel Ostoia
Mathematical Simulation of a Tank Used for Equipping a High Speed Train in Order to Aim Safe Operation
Adriana Tokar, Daniel Ostoia, Arina Negoitescu   
Stream: Societal complexity and sustainable development
Dental Pain Simulation Model based on Biorhythm Charts within the Diagnosis and Treatment Expert Systems
Cornelia Biclesanu, Ion Valeriu Cherlea, Elena-Gabriela Despa, Dan Baclesanu, Ana Maria Pangica
Years and valued years of potential life lost due to external causes of death in Lithuania, 2000-2006
Gerda Drutyte, Romualdas Gurevicius
Challenges and perspectives for the EU-countries regarding on the fiscal sustainability of ageing
Ionica Holban
Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Vilnius, Lithuania Institute of Mathematics and Informatics Institute of Applied Mathematics, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey
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