Optimal Process Design

International Networking for Young Scientists

Vilnius, Lithuania, 15-16 February 2006

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International Networking for Young Scientists (INYS) is an initiative of British Council that supports the Council's purpose of 'nurturing mutually beneficial relationships with other countries', by encouraging and facilitating the mobility of, and direct contact between, young researchers. It supports face-to-face meetings between young scientists and engineers from the UK and other countries, for the exchange of ideas, knowledge and information and the building of international connections that assist the innovation process.
INYS "Optimal Process Design" took place in Vilnius, Lithuania, 15-16 February, 2006. Ten young scientists from each country participated presenting their research. The meeting was co-ordinated by Professors A. Zilinskas from the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Lithuania, E.S. Fraga and I.D.L. Bogle both from University College London, UK. The invited lecturer Professor C.A. Floudas from Princeton University gave a talk on prospective research directions.
Refereed proceedings of the meeting has been published providing information for future cooperation:
Computer Aided Methods in Optimal Design and Operations I.D.L. Bogle, J. Zilinskas (Eds.)(2006) Computer Aided Methods in Optimal Design and Operations. World Scientific, ISBN 981-256-909-X.
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