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INFORMATICA, 2001, Vol. 12, No. 2, 239-262
© Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Vilnius, 1998

ISSN 0868-4952

Visualisation of Multidimensional Objects and the Socio-Economical Impact to Activity in EC RTD Databases

Gintautas DZEMYDA, Vytautas TIESIS

Institute of Mathematics and Informatics Akademijos 4, 2600 Vilnius, Lithuania E-mail:,


The paper deals with the analysis of Research and Technology Development (RTD) in the Central European countries and the relation of RTD with economic and social parameters of countries in this region. A methodology has been developed for quantitative and qualitative ranking and estimates of relationship among multidimensional objects on the base of such analysis. The knowledge has been discovered in four databases: two databases of European Commission (EC) containing data on the RTD activities, databases of USA CIA and The World bank containing economic and social data. Data mining has been performed by means of visual cluster analysis (using the non-linear Sammon's mapping and Kohonen's artificial neural network - the self-organising map), regression analysis and non-linear ranking (using graphs of domination). The results on clustering of the Central European countries and on the relations among RTD parameters with economic and social parameters are obtained. In addition, the data served for testing various features of realisation of the self-organising map. The integration of non-classical methods (the self-organising map and graphs of domination) with classical ones (regress analysis and Sammon' mapping) increases the capacity of visual analysis and allows making more complete conclusions.


research and technology development, knowledge discovery, data mining, regression analysis, neural network, self-organising map, non-linear ranking, graphs of domination, visual analysis, cluster analysis

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