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INFORMATICA, 2001, Vol. 12, No. 1, 45-60
© Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Vilnius, 1998

ISSN 0868-4952

Application of Computer Network to Solve the Complex Applied Multiple Criteria Optimization Problems

Gintautas DZEMYDAa, Tomas PETKUSb

aInstitute of Mathematics and Informatics Akademijos 4, 2600 Vilnius, Lithuania E-mail:

bDepartment of Informatics, Vilnius Pedagogical University Student\c{u} 39, 2004 Vilnius, Lithuania E-mail:


The analysis of the method for multiple criteria optimization problems applying a computer network has been presented in the paper. The essence of the proposed method is the distribution of the concrete optimization problem into the network rather than the parallelization of some optimization method. The aim of the authors is to design and investigate the interactive strategies to solve complex multiple criteria problems by applying a computer network. The optimized objective function is the weight sum of the criteria. The multiple criteria problem is iterated by selecting interactively different weight coefficients of the criteria. Therefore, the process is organized by designating the computers as the master (that coordinates the process of other computers) and the slaves (that execute different tasks). In the beginning of the process the researcher allocates a certain number of optimization problems to the network. The objective function optimization problems differ only in weight coefficients of the criteria. As soon as the task of a slave has been executed, the result is sent to the master. Every computer of the network behaves in analogous way. Whenever the researcher receives an immediate result from one of the computers, he gives a decision taking into consideration the latter and all the previous results, i.e., he selects new weight coefficients for the criteria and assigns a new task to the network. Likewise the multiple criteria problem is solved until the result is acceptable for the researcher. The application of the proposed method is illustrated on the basis of the problem for the selection of the optimal nutritive value. Message Passing Interface (MPI) software has been used. The trials have been carried out with the network of computers under the operation system Windows NT.


multiple criteria optimization, parallel computing, message passing interface

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