Eglė Zikarienė

Department: Global Optimization Group
Position: PhD student
Field: Informatics

Address: Akademijos st. 4, Vilnius



Doctoral studies

Theme Contextual classification for data specified by spatial generalized linear models

Supervisor prof. dr. (HP) Kęstutis Dučinskas

Consultant prof. dr. (HP) Julius Žilinskas

Study time 2013 10 01–2021 09 30 (2014 10 01–2016 09 30 academic holidays) (2017 04 01–2019 03 31 academic holidays)

Aim: Construct and research Bayesian discriminant function expressions for exponential family distributions and for elliptical T-distribution to extend classification rule application options.

Main problems:

  1. Construct Bayesian Discriminant functions for Bernoulli, Binomial, Poisson, Gamma, T distributions.
  2. Derive actual classification error rate formulas.
  3. Derive expected  classification error rate asymptotic approximations.
  4. Theoretically support proposed classification rule.
  5. Implement the algorithm of the proposed classification rule.

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