Prof. Dr. (HP) Albertas Čaplinskas

Department: Cyber-Social Systems Engineering Group
Position: Affiliated Professor 

Address: Akademijos st. 4, room 608, Vilnius
Tel: (+370 5) 210 9340



Scientific and Pedagogical Background


1993 Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Doctor Degree in Informatics.
1966 Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Mathematics.

Main Positions:

Since 2014 Chief Specialist, Vilnius University Institute of Mathematics and Informatics.
2003-2014 Principal Researcher, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics.
1993 Head of the Software Engineering Department, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics.
1986 Senior Researcher, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics.
1973 Head of the Software Engineering Group, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics.
1970 Senior Programmer, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics.
1970 Senior Programmer, Vilnius University.

Additional Positions:

2001 Professor, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University.
1993 Docent (Associate Professor), Vilnius University.
1973 Senior Lecturer, Vilnius University.
1966 Assistant Lecturer, Vilnius University.

Scientific Intership:

Greifswald University (Germany), 1970.
Trondheim University (Norway), 1991.
Munich University (Germany), 1997.
Aalborg University (Denmark), 1996, 1998.

Research Work

  • Software engineering,
  • Information system engineering,
  • Legislative engineering,
  • Knowledge representation.

Scientific publications

Publications with VU Institute of Data Science and Digital Technologies & Institute of Mathematics and Informatics affiliation


  • Project of EU structural funds: "Theoretical and Engineering Aspects of E-Service Technology Development and Application in High-Performance Computing Platforms". No. VP1-3.1-ŠMM-08-K-01-010. 2012-2015.
    Role: chief research fellow.
  • Eurostars Project PEN!6232: "Production Effectiveness Navigator". No. 31V-20/LSS-580000-360. 2011-2014.
    Role: chief research fellow.
  • FP7-ICT-2009-4 SPRERS (aimed to improve and reinforce the cooperation between research teams from EU12 and EU15 in the field of software services). 2010-2012.
    Role: team member.

PhD Supervision

Leads PhD Student:

  • Audrius Šaikūnas „Tools and Techniques for Syntatic and Semantic Extension“ 2015-2019

Other Scientific Activities

The Editorial Board of the international journal "Informatica".
Member of programme committees of many conferences and workshops on software engineering, databases, and information systems.
Member of Lithuanian Computer Society.
Member of AIS (Association for Information Systems).
Member of ECCAI (European Coordinating Committee for Artificial Intelligence).

Honours and Awards

Doctor Honoris Causa of the University of Latvia, 2014.
Lithuanian Science Prize in the field of technology science, 2006.
Zigmas Žemaitis medal, Lithuania Mathematicians Society, 2005.
The title of Professor awarded by Vilnius Gediminas University, 2005.11.23.
The title of Docent (Associate Professor) awarded by Vilnius University, 1993.12.09.
Award of the Ministry Council of Lithuania for the research "Mathematical models and application packages for analysis, planning, control and design of the physical and technical systems", 1987.
Diploma of the Scientific-Technical Society of the Academic S. Vavilov for the best computer program in 1986 in Lithuania, 1986.

Other Information

Born on 10th November 1942.
Languages: Lithuanian, Russian, Polish, English, German.