Bernardas Čiapas

Department: Image and Signal Analysis Group
Position: PhD student
Field: Informatics

Address: Akademijos st. 4, Vilnius



Scientific publications

Publications with VU Institute of Data Science and Digital Technologies & Institute of Mathematics and Informatics affiliation

Doctoral studies

Theme Research of Image Properties in Self Checkout Image Recognition Tasks

Supervisor Prof. Dr. Povilas Treigys

Study time 2019 10 01-2023 09 30


Main problems:

Presentations at scientific conferences


Bernardas Čiapas, Povilas Treigys „Computer vision solution for reducing picklist depth in food retail self checkouts“, 11th International workshop on Data Analysis Methods for Software Systems (DAMSS), November 28 - 30, 2019, Druskininkai, Lithuania



Bernardas Čiapas, Povilas Treigys „Product Recognition in Self-Checouts“, Junior Researcher for Intelligent Society, May 13, 2021 


Bernardas Čiapas, Povilas Treigys „Research of Image Properties in Self-Checkout Image Recognition Tasks“, Informatics and IT Research of Lithuanian Master's Students, May 14, 2021 


Bernardas Čiapas, Povilas Treigys „Product Recognition Research Using Deep Neural Networks in Self-Checkout Images", Lithuanian Computer Society Days – 2021, September 23 - 25 d, 2021, Klaipeda, Lithuania



Bernardas Čiapas, Povilas Treigys „Retail Self-checkout Image Classification Performance: Similar Class Grouping or Individual Class Classification Approach“, 15th International Baltic Conference on Digital Business and Intelligent Systems (DB&IS), July 4 - 6, 2022, Riga, Latvia