History of the Institute

From 2018-01-01 Vilnius university Institute of Data Science and Digital Technologies at Vilnius university Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics;

2010-10-01 – 2017-12-31  VU Institute of Mathematics and Informatics - basic subdivision of Vilnius universitety
1991-02-12 – 2010-09-30  Institute of Mathematics and Informatics (State science institute);
1990-07-09 – 1991-02-11  Institute of Mathematics and Informatics at Lithuanian Academy of Sciences;
1977-01-01 – 1990-07-08  Institute of Mathematics and Cybernetics at Lithuanian SSR Academy of Sciences;
1956-10-01 – 1976-12-31  Institute of Physics and Mathematics at Lithuanian SSR Academy of Sciences.

What today is the present time, tomorrow it will already be a history. When seen from the perspective of time, the events, that seemed of extreme importance at the time, pale into insignificance. That is why even scientific books written by great historians lose their topicality in the lapse of time and make a basis for other books of history.

The "History of the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics" presented on the website does not claim to be an exhaustive historical treatise. It is just an attempt to submit the facts that describe the process, as a consequence of which, in one sector of the former Institute that existed long ago, the present Institute of Mathematics and Informatics has originated from the very embryo of mathematical sciences.

October 1, 1956 is a very important date for the science in Lithuania. That is a formal date of emergence of many scientific trends in Lithuania. This is the date that the Physical and Technical Institute was liquidated and three new institutes were established on its basis: the trends of scientific research were confirmed. One of those institutes was the Institute of Physics and Mathematics. It was then that the word MATHEMATICS has appeared in the title of the institute. With the course of years, the Institute of Physics and Mathematics was reorganized more than once, its title has changed, however, it has never lost the word mathematics in its title, as well as mathematical researches in the trends of scientific research. Therefore the date of foundation of the present Institute of Mathematics and Informatics is to be considered October 1, 1956.

More facts on the history of Institute of Mathematics and Informatics (IMI) at this website can be found on the pages "History of the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics: dates, facts, people, and comments". It is some kind of a summary that contains the main dates of the IMI history, names of important people, and comments of events. Maybe some day this summary will make the basis of a more exhaustive IMI history. In the meanwhile, the employees of IMI or other people interested in the history of our Institute, can find here some information on the development of IMI.

The "History of the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics: dates, facts, people, and comments" consists of following parts:


Annual Reports: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016.

With a view to better reflect the reasons of certain stages of the development, side by side with the "History of the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics" several additional articles are attached, a great part of facts of which were included into the this summary. This articles are presented below:



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