Thank you for your interest in attending the DAMSS 2021 conference.

Online registration is no longer available. If you are interested in attending, please contact with organizers.


Organizers of DAMSS 2021 will mandate that attendees and staff at DAMSS 2021 provide proof of "full vaccination" for COVID-19. Attendees who cannot demonstrate full vaccination of COVID-19 will not be allowed in-person to participate in DAMSS 2021. They will be able to make the presentation online only.


We do not plan a special session for virtual presentations at DAMSS, but speakers of plenary sessions will have an opportunity to talk online. Also, there will be an opportunity for speakers who cannot attend to present their posters. The registration fee is the same for all conference participants. If a speaker is unable to attend, he/she must send a 5-minute recording of his/her presentation as well as a pdf file of the poster in A1 format. A poster of the presentation will be printed and hung in the DAMSS poster room. A video of the presentation will be posted on the DAMSS website for conference participants to access the researches.