The program of workshop consists of tutorials, invited and contributed papers. We invite those interested in the following topics to participate:
· stochastic linear programming;
· stochastic nonlinear programming;
· stochastic integer programming;
· stochastic programming in equilibrium problems;
· stochastic gaming;
· stochastic approximation;
· stochastic heuristic algorithms;
· chance – constrained optimization;
· large-scale stochastic optimization;
· risk measures and stochastic dominance;
· complexity and efficiency of optimization algorithms;
· stochastic optimization in data mining;
· statistical modeling of agent-based systems;
· modeling support and model management for stochastic programs;
· data visualization for stochastic programs;
· analysis and engineering of algorithms;
· applications in finance;
· applications in energy planning;
· applications in transportation and logistics;
· applications in agriculture and forestry;
· applications in oil and gas industry;
· applications in environment and sustainable development;
· software development.
Institute of Mathematics and Informatics of Vilnius university, Vilnius, Lithuania
Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Vilnius, Lithuania
Klaipdos universitetas, Klaipda, Lithuania
The Association of European Operational Research Societies