September 30 - October 3, 2009,
Vilnius, Lithuania
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The political decisions in Kyoto 1997 and in Bali 2007 indicate a global care for sustainable development in the way of a world wide diminishing of CO2 emissions. This political decision must be translated in real life transitions. Here operational research methods can support politicians to translate the political demands in real life interventions. In this conference we explore Operational Research methods and tools for supporting decisions on sustainable development.
In this period of hectic transformations in the area of politics, economy and ways of productions rapid understanding of the impact on these transformations on society is needed. In the view of preserving the world for future generations sustainable development in all of these areas is required. To understand the widespread change of environmental indicators and to find ways to improve the conditions is a challenge for the human community.
Sustainable development requires economic, environmental and social policies to be designed and implemented in a mutually multidisciplinary reinforcing way. This implies a need for new management thinking to improve policy coherence and increase the role of knowledge in the formulation and implementation of policies as well as improve communication with civil society and business. Sustainable development should not be considered an additional requirement but an overarching principle, which governs the development processes.
The 5th International Vilnius Conference on Sustainable Development will be an efficient and effective dialogue between researchers, politicians, business and public in order to encourage the integration of economics, ecology, management and social policies into an interdisciplined goal of developing a sustainable world.
The forthcoming conference continues the theme of Vilnius Conferences on Sustainable Development: First – “System Approach to Sustainable Development” (25-28 September 1997, Palanga, Lithuania), Second – “Sustainable Development in the Information Society” (2-4 October 2000, Vilnius, Lithuania,, Third - “Sustainability Indicators and Intelligent Decisions” (9-11 October 2003, Vilnius, Lithuania,, Fourth - “Citizens and Governance for Sustainable Development“ (28-30 September, 2006, Vilnius, Lithuania,
The scope of the conference is to encourage and facilitate interdisciplinary communication, emphasising those areas that provide the most benefits for state-of-the-art of sustainability development including sustainability methodology for sustainable economics and sustainable human life connected with knowledge-based and economic technologies.
The main focus of this conference is to provide a launch pad to collaborate between the young, dynamic and experienced researchers and practitioners from disciplinary and inter-disciplinary areas to come together and help the sustainable development with their models, solutions and share their in-valuable experiences. This conference is well embedded into the academical calendar of EURO.
Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Vilnius, Lithuania Institute of Mathematics and Informatics Institute of Applied Mathematics, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey
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